Josef seibel

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching is a core feature in the footwear offered by the Josef Seibel brand.

Hand stitching offers:

– Increased flexibility
– Increased wear
– An original appearance

It takes up to half an hour for an expert to stitch one pair of uppers to the soles, a handcrafting tradition used in the manufacture of Josef Seibel footwear since 1886.

Top Dry Tex

All Josef Seibel Top Dry shoes and boots are equipped with a membrane which ensures that the product is waterproof and windproof whilst allowing the foot to breathe. A comfortable climate is ensured even within extreme weather conditions!

The Airped® footbed is of a moulded anatomic design comprising of high grade foam in order that the comfort lasts with the footwear.

  • Absorption
  • Insoles absorb sweat to help keep feet dry
  • De-absorption
  • The insole is able to evaporate the sweat very quickly due to the carbon crystals
  • Cushioning
  • Absorbs and cusions the shock produced when walking
  • Recovery
  • Crush-proof insole which will maintain its initial shape throughout its lifetime
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fungacide is included in the insole, to avoid the production of germs and fungus
  • Active Carbon
  • Carbon crystals used in teh insole are a natural filter of impurities and bad smells
  • Anti-static
  • The insoles are anti-static
  •  Responsibility is taken for the environment; recycled and water based products are used

The air channel system in the footbed, perforated leather sock and full leather lining are responsible for creating a balanced foot climate that relieves the foot when walking.

Both the unit and teh footbed work together to act as a shock absorber to the hip joints and the vertebral column.